2019-2020 School Fees


In May 2017 the Alberta Government passed Bill 1 - An Act to Reduce School Fees.  


Effective September 2017:


School Fees


  • Under Bill 1, the Division’s basic instructional fees of $31.00 (Kindergarten to Grade 6), $46.00 (Grades 7-9), and $71.00 (Grades 10-12) have been eliminated.  

  • Fees for textbooks, workbooks, photocopying, printing, and paper have been eliminated.  

  • Fees for specific goods and services such as field trips, options, special projects, and extracurricular activities will still be charged based on cost-recovery.

  • Student school supplies are still the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  Schools that offer school supply services may still charge a fee on a cost recovery basis.

  • Under Bill 1, each school was required to submit a full fee schedule for approval.  Full fee schedules as approved by the Minister are available at your child’s school upon request and posted on the school’s website.


For more information about Bill 1 go to the Alberta Education website at   https://education.alberta.ca/bill-1-an-act-to-reduce-school-fees/

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