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Presently, Two Hills School is a K-12 school with an enrolment of 220 students, offering all regular academic programs, daily physical education (40 minutes/day) in grades 1-9, an art program for elementary ,  and high school students, CTS for all junior/senior students, and music for K-6 students. In high school, full academic programming, as well as a variety of complimentary/core courses (Forensics, Psychology, Science 30, CTS  credits in agriculture, communication,....) is offered. High school students can earn credits in the area of CTS, Off-Campus Education, Green Certificate Program, RAP, and Work Experience.  Because we are cycling Chemistry 20/30, Physics 20/30, and Physical Education in high school, acceptable class sizes are maintained, giving  all students  better opportunity to take more courses that can be applied to the Rutherford Scholarship.

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